Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Elements of sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives are incorporated in each of our designs to provide durable, cost-efficient installations. Clients can also choose to incorporate additional sustainability initiatives and we have been actively involved with a number of Green Star rated projects. Sustainability elements considered within our designs and available to Clients include:

  • Energy minimisation and water efficiency
    • Water Efficiency Labelling & Standards (WELS) scheme utilised
  • Acoustic consideration
    • Achieved by controlling the flow velocities of pipes, and using suitable acoustically isolated fixing in addition to specifying the appropriate materials within conduits.
  • Heat loss minimisation
    • Heat loss in pipes is minimised through careful choice of materials
    • Reduction in fiction wear, which can cause premature pipe failure.
  • Strata management
    • System designs use various methods of metering to allow ease of strata management.
  • Reuse of waste water/stormwater if required
    • Greywater and blackwater treatment and recycling
    • Stormwater capturing and reuse
  • Solar heating
    • From simple solar collectors to fully integrated hot water systems

Our office library and information database relating to systems, equipment, fixtures and materials is regularly updated to ensure we have the most appropriate solutions incorporated into our designs.